Feb 2015 Music with Baptisms

On February 8 2015, several people were baptized during the Sunday services at The River Church.  Here are a couple of songs we played that Sunday.  During “Jesus Loves Me”, you can hear the congregation responding as people are being baptized.  It was so cool to be part of brothers and sisters in Christ publicly declaring their acceptance of Christ as their savior.

I had the blessing and honor of playing lead guitar on both songs.


DEMO: Programming Disaster Area Controllers

DEMO: I posted a demonstration of how to program loops on a Disaster Area DPC-5 and DPC-8EZ.

Programming presets on two Disaster Area Controllers that are connected via MIDI. It looks confusing at first, but is pretty simple after you have done a few. I could spend hours covering these, so this is just a sample of the what these are capable of.

The video is available at the following links:

^^^ check out those toes!!!  Sorry!  I promise to wear sock and maybe shoes in the future.