Fractal AX8 Demo – Comparing to the BB Preamp Overdrive Pedal

DEMO: Fractal Audio AX8 Overdrive demo. Comparing the BB Preamp in the AX8 to the real deal. The BB Preamp is set up as a second stage OD with a decent amount of drive. I selected this drive and setting since this is where most modelers seem to have issues with drives being fizzy and/or raspy. I also feel this tone is usable in many settings, including P&W. The assumption is that if the modeler can represent these tones well, it will be successful at anything else that may be needed.

The demo is not meant to determine whether or not the modeled drives can can sound identical to their analog counterpart. It is meant to show that the modeled drives are very usable and sound as good as the real thing. The only thing on in the AX8 is the drive block. All amp, speaker and mic sims are turned off.

I chose the music to demonstrate different techniques (strumming, muting, double stops, power chords, single notes, etc…) and positions on the neck. The parts cover all six string and fret positions from 1 to 17.

I tried to EQ the drives to be close. They are very close, but not identical. I think both sound great. I actually prefer the sound of the modeled drive and enjoy the extra controls for lo/hi cut and tone.

The demo sounds great on my KRK Rokit 8s. I’m not sure a phone or mobile device is going to do it any justice. #jamn4jc

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