Eventide H9 Crushstation Algorithm: First Impression


  • I won’t be selling any drive pedals soon
  • there are only a few usable tones
  • I applaud Eventide for continuing to bring new functionality to their pedals

I finally found some time to play with the new H9 algorithm called “Crushstation”.  It is very cool that Eventide is bringing overdrive/distortion to a platform used mostly for time-based and modulation effects.

I found that there are a couple of drive tones that are usable.  The pedal seemed to do best with the drive setting between 28-35 (of 100).  Anything less and the pedal just get quieter without dropping any of the drive.  Anything more and the pedal starts to lose any kind of natural tone and it becomes obvious that you are listening to a modeled tone.

What I did not like:

  • The drive tones did not “clean up” well.  Adjusting the pedal’s drive setting or using my guitar’s volume knob did not seem to clean up the pedal very well.  In both cases, the pedal simply got quieter and not less driven.
  • I could not find a low drive/gain tone that I liked.  Similar to the previous observation, it simply did not want to clean up at all.
  • Limited number of tones that sounded usable.  The pedal seemed to be the best at producing a fairly distorted, but not crazy distorted, tone.  For those of you that stack drives, this sweet spot would be something in the “2nd stage” drive area (i.e. a fairly distorted tone).  Unfortunately, this tone is not one that I require very often in the genre (Praise and Worship) music that I play most often.

I played with the octave setting briefly.  If you already have a POG, I don’t think Crushstation will make you want to kick it to the curb.  However, if you do not have a POG, this could be a passable solution.

Eventide is consistent.  Most of the factory presets were less about being usable and more about showcasing the total range and capabilities (e.g. “wacky sounds”) of the pedal.

I’m still a huge fan of the H9 for what it does best.  I applaud Eventide for bringing more functionality to the platform.  This is version 1.0 of a drive algorithm, so I expect it to only get better.

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