DEMO: Living Tone – Omega Tone Special

I have become friends with some great people on Gear Talk: PW.  Most of these “friends” exist in the digital world, however, I have had the pleasure of meeting several guys in person.  George Favazza is one such person.  We had chatted for a long time on Facebook and finally got the chance to meet in person when he was in Cincinnati for a convention.  It was great to talk about our faith and about guitar gear.  It’s amazing how much we had in common.

I learned that George was doing a demo for the Omega Tone Special by Mark Koher of Living Tone Amps.  After a few weeks, George showed me a first draft of the demo.  I was impressed by the video work, but we both agreed that the audio portion needed some work.  The OTS is a very special amp and deserved a demo that showcased its awesome tone and versatility.  I had been wanting to hear an Omega Tone Special in person and wanted to help George create a demo worthy of the awesome amplifier built by Mark, so after some discussion, George and I agreed to shoot another demo, together.  I would travel from Cincinnati to Detroit and we would spend the day and night to get it done.

For a couple of weeks prior, I worked like crazy to hone my mic and recording skills.  I tried a lot of different approaches and ended up deciding that a couple of Shure SM57’s, recording in stereo, in to a Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder gave the best “bang for buck”.  The H4N is easy to use, has some cool features, and sounds great.  We placed one SM57 near the center of the cone and the other SM57 a little closer to the edge to get the full range of the tone.  A Jackson 2×12 cabinet with Celestion Alnico Gold speakers was used to push the air.

It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.  As a bonus, I got to enjoy an awesome GFaz pizza pie.  I am really pleased with the demo that we created.  George is an awesome guitar player. He played a variety of guitars on all the tracks except the last two.  I used my Gretsch White Falcon to record the last two tracks.  Enjoy!

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