Slushies – the Untold Story (until now)


On the Gear Talk: P&W group on Facebook, I am often associated with Slushies.  So, here is the “Untold Story: Slushies”. This is a TRUE story.

A couple of years ago, it was an extremely hot, summer, day and I was at a Cincinnati Reds game.  My seats were in the scorching sun. I went to the concession stand and bought a Slushie. It was $11 (total price gouging), but due to the circumstances, I was willing to pay the price. The following week, I saw a Slushie for $1 at a convenience store and ever since then, I have had a craving for $1 Slushies.  It was some sort of retribution.

Fast forward to football (NFL) season.  A GT:P&W member, Thad Pittman, used to post that if the Houston Texans won their game, there were free Slushies given away. This only fueled my cravings. Eventually, it got to the point where even at $1, I could not support my habit.

Texan Slushies

About that time, there was a rash of “Attachment Unavailable” postings, so I posted that the next person to post as such, would owe the entire GT:PW group a Slushie.  About 36 hours passed and I was away from social media for a few hours. I logged on and my notifications BLEW UP. Apparently, someone fell in to the snare and the group was demanding refreshment.


The Slushie requests have continued and ever since I have tried to assist those that are oblivious to “the rule”. There was even a time when I almost fell victim to my own snare. I shared a post and some time during the night, the original author deleted it, thus causing the infamous “Attachment Unavailable”.  I woke up the next morning to find dozens of Slushie requests in my inbox. Fortunately, a couple of gallant souls supported my story that at the time of my posting, the attachment did indeed exist.  It was a narrow escape.

What happens now, is out of my hands.


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