DEMO: POG Before or After Drives?

POG2 before and after overdrive/distortion. Both low and medium drive/gain scenarios are tested. I am using a T1M flip-flop to change the order of the pedals.

I was a “before” guy.  Now, I am “after”.  The “before” placement makes sense on paper, but my ears prefer “after”.  Both are usable tones, but they are different:

  • Before sounds more aggressive and sounds a bit more “processed”
  • After sounds milder and IMHO and more natural.

NOTE: I am fairly new to making demo videos.  In this video, I have the mic pointed at the speaker in my guitar cab.  As a result, you cannot hear what I am saying.

The key is this:
RED LED = Pearl (loop 1) in to POG (loop 2) — this is the POST scenario
BLUE LED = POG (loop 2) in to Pearl (loop 1) — this is the PRE scenario.

00:12 – clean tone
00:29 – Touch Drive
00:40 – Touch + Punch
00:55 – POG > Touch (Blue LED = BEFORE drive)
01:05 – Touch > POG (Red LED)
01:14 – POG > Touch
01:22 – Touch > POG
… you get the picture. I think both setups sound just about the same. Then, it gets interesting. I add the Punch drive for more drive/gain.

02:22 – engage the Punch side (running Punch > Touch)
02:36 – BLUE = POG PRE drives (I do NOT like this sound)
02:45 – RED = POG POST drives (much better)
02:54 – PRE
03:03 – POST
… and so on.


See this Facebook post for additional discussion and review:


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